The media was in a tizzy about Nicole Kidman’s role as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Fund for Women a week ago. Why? Her roles in films betray the Sisterhood. Per Janet Street Porter at The Independent: “she’s been raped in one film (Dogville), and had kinky sex with Tom Cruise in…continue reading.

Kate Hudson discusses her sex life with her parents! OMG! According to Monsters and Critics, the actress is an oversharer when it comes to sex, unhesitatingly regaling her mother Goldie Hawn and stepfather Kurt Russell with deets of her exploits with New York Yankees baseball player Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez. A source close to the star…continue reading.

The National Enquirer is reporting (you still don’t understand, do you? In Los Angeles, The National Enquirer has as much–if not more–weight than the Los Angeles Times) that there is a David Letterman sex tape. Yup, the guy didn’t know where the cameras were in his own studio. Rookie move, d00d. Now there’s a tape…continue reading.

Last week, Stephen Marche, author of Esquire‘s A Thousand Words About Our Culture column, regaled us with his latest epiphany: “Vampires have overwhelmed pop culture because young straight women want to have sex with gay men.” I’ll be the first to say Marche makes a few good points in his column as it regards vampires…continue reading.

We were shocked when news came out that night talk show host David Letterman had become entangled in an ugly mess of indiscretions. For those of you who missed it, Joe Halderman, a journalist and producer of the show 48 Hours left him a package of incriminating evidence and a threat that unless Letterman gave…continue reading.