John Mayer. I didn’t realize what an emo weirdo he was until recently. I went nuts for him immediately, obviously. Forget tall and handsome, I like them dark as my own tangled heart. So this month, he’s on Rolling Stone, right, positively gushing with overshares. The 32-year-old musician and former beau to Jennifer Aniston isn’t…continue reading.

There is no sex scandal here. It’s just two outrageously sexy people whose movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith holds a delicious little place in our gun-totting hearts here at Sex and the 405. According to the Times Online, the sexiest couple alive is parting ways. The couple who is unmarried (having said they wouldn’t until…continue reading.

It’s been five days and we have still heard nothing on that story of a supposed Lindsay Lohan sex tape. Needless to say, we’re crushed. As some of you may know, our editor here at Sex and the 405 has a huge thing for redheads, and even though LiLo’s blonde at the moment, after her…continue reading.

As you may recall, at the close of the American Music Awards of 2009, former Idol runner up Adam Lambert performed his first single For Your Entertainment, a raunchy tribute to rough sex that contains delicious little jewels such as “It’s alright, you’ll be fine, baby, I’m in control. Take the pain, take the pleasure,…continue reading.

Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it–that much we know. But just in case her fiance Russell Brand isn’t 100 percent clear, she’s gone on record saying she will turn to women if he somehow fails to fulfill her. Lamest way to ensure fulfillment ever. Though what do I know about these things,…continue reading.

Kim Cattrall plays Samantha Jones on Sex and the City, the ultimate man-eater, and she has profited from that reputation with her books Sexual Intelligence, Being A Girl and Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm. But Kim Cattrall is no femme fatale. “I could not go into a bar and pick up a man,”…continue reading.

Thought you had a lousy Christmas? Here’s one to make you feel better (maybe? Misery loves company? No? Fine. Anyway): Charlie Sheen spent most of Christmas day in jail on a class-four felony charge of second-degree assault and a class-five felony charge of menacing and a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief. The 44-year-old was taken…continue reading.

Didn’t get everything you wanted this Christmas? Here’s a consolation prize for you like no other. Hustler is releasing a skin flick based on our speculations about Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston’s feud in Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston! “We were very pleased with the casting of the movie because the…continue reading.

Well, sort of. The MySpace sensation and reality TV star Tila Tequila has announced that she is acting as a surrogate for her brother and his wife. No word yet on whether this is the biological child of her brother and his wife (via in vitro), his brother and an egg donor, or the singer-cum-reality…continue reading.

Looks like the material girl is making a comeback. Once fond of boasting about her incredible sex life with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, Madonna would now rather strut Choos than knock boots. The designer Jimmy Choo recently told the U.K.’s Daily Star that Madonna says splurging on a pair of his creations is better than sex.…continue reading.