Women Love Vampires Because We Want To Bang Gay Dudes

Oct 19, 2009 • Hollywoody, Opinion

Last week, Stephen Marche, author of Esquire‘s A Thousand Words About Our Culture column, regaled us with his latest epiphany: “Vampires have overwhelmed pop culture because young straight women want to have sex with gay men.”

I’ll be the first to say Marche makes a few good points in his column as it regards vampires and sexual desire. Yes, there is a correlation between desire and the vampire phenomenon, but it has little to do with sexual liberation and even less with a secret desire harbored by heterosexual women to hook up with gay men, as Marche claims. It has to do with pretty old-fashioned stuff, actually. And a little BDSM–but not in the way you imagine.

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Thumbnail image by Jay Dee Harrison.