Pin-Ups for the Geek in All of Us

Sep 12, 2013 • SciFet

Meet Austrian artist Chio Maisriml, creator of the most dazzling sci-fi pinups this side of LV-426. Never have we seen such beautiful monsters, aliens, tender space violets, insects, amphibians, heroines or rulers.

Maisriml got his start with this type of art in 1995, using airbrushing on cardboard, but eventually migrated his workspace onto his PC using Artpad. His creations can be found on his personal site Fetic, where he offers them as wallpapers for free, and prints to those who want to reach out to him over e-mail.

Below is “Alien 2” from his Alien collection:

Alien 2 by Chio Maisriml

You’re welcome.