Sperm Need A Pick-Me-Up? Try Coffee

Dec 22, 2009 • Fertility and Babbys, News, Research


Caffeine does more than wake you up–it wakes up your sperm.

That’s right. A group of Brazilian scientists has found that men who drink coffee have sperm that moves better than the sperm of those who turn down the cuppa joe.

Lead researcher, Fabio Pasqualotto, said: “Sperm motility was higher in patients who drink coffee compared to patients who do not drink coffee.”

The researchers also found that smoking cigarettes had neither a beneficial nor an adverse effect on sperm motility compared with the caffeine effect. Smoking pot, on the other hand, does seem to impair sperm.

Scientists from New York University who examined the sperm of 22 men who admitted smoking pot at least four times a week for the past five years found that these produced less sperm in and that their sperm was less capable of the hyperactivity needed to fertilize the egg.

Sweet! Smokers = 1, Stoners = 0! Not that we at Sex and the 405 suggest you should do that to your lungs or anything.

Got a light?

Image by Omar MK. Information from Medical News Today.