Happy Boobquake!

Apr 26, 2010 • Culture, Eyecandy, geek, Photography, web, Women

On Friday, we told you about Boobquake, a movement to stir the tectonic plates with the power of our scandalous bodies. This Monday, we’re active, spreading our promiscuity in lingerie all over the newsroom and neighborhood Starbucks. But since most of you won’t get to enjoy that, here’s our editrix, let her quake your world:

Want more? Our editrix did a little round-up of photos from the event just for your viewing pleasure over at lalawag.

Oh, yeah. You’re welcome.

Did any of you join in the #boobquake?

UPDATE: BlagHag’s Jen McCreight, who started the movement, posts about the response to the boobquake effort.

Image from the Flox archives.

  • http://danny6114.posterous.com/ danny6114

    Thank you, you are beautiful!

  • luvbigones

    boob power rules the world!