Ke$ha Wants to Cover You in Penis

Aug 06, 2013 • Fashion, Hollywoody

"Grow A Pear" jewelry line by Ke$ha

Pop sensation Ke$ha has a jewelry line out with designer Charles Albert. This wouldn’t be news, except that a selection of the pieces feature penises prominently. The golden, stylized dicks are part of a series called “Grow A Pear,” based on Ke$ha’s song of the same name, which is far more problematic, in my opinion, than a girl wearing cocks in her ears.

“Grow A Pear” is the story of a girl who falls in love with a boy and then dumps him because he wants to talk instead of having sex and is vocal about his emotions. “I signed up for a man, but you are just a bitch,” Ke$ha sings. “You should know that I love you a lot but I just can’t date a dude with a vag. When we fell in love, you made my heart drop, then you had me thinking ’bout you nonstop but you cry ’bout this and whine about that — when you grow a pair, you can call me back.”

It gets worse from there.

As if we don’t have enough media prescribing gender behaviors.

Seeing the general lack of “pears” in society, Ke$ha is now selling dicks to everyone for $12 to $24 a pop. These and other pieces are made of “Alchemía (AKA ‘Zero Karat Gold’)” which the site defines as a blend of base metals that looks like 18-karat gold (i.e., looks like the alloy is 75 percent gold).

How do we reconcile this? You have a woman draping herself in penises and repeatedly suggesting that having a vagina is something lesser, while at the same time prescribing how anyone with a penis ought to behave and punishing those who don’t.

I’m not sure. And according to the Daily Mail the penis line has since sold out.

  • KimberlyChapman

    WTF. So if a dude doesn’t have emotions he’s a jerk, but if he does he’s not a real man? What century does this idiot live in?

    The whole thing sounds like she’ll do anything for a buck regardless of principles. We’ve got some really inappropriate, anti-feminist, anti-sex-freedom words in our language for that too. :p

    • avflox

      It’s a really unfortunate situation — and one we have seen before not too long ago. Katy Perry’s “Ur So Gay” also does a standup job of policing masculinity, though without the blatant misogyny that Ke$ha displays. Makes me miss the Cocteau Twins.