If You Absolutely Must Sprain Your Back, Do It Doing Something Sexy

May 11, 2010 • Q&A

Our editrix here at Sex and the 405 has a formspring.me account where people ask her questions about sex — well, it’s supposed to be about sex, but you guys should see what people ask her. She really is the Oracle at Delphi reupholstered in KY-Jelly. Behold:

You’ve mentioned that you frequently work naked. I tend to work naked as well — or in lingerie, and in bed. However, I’ve been struggling with posture issues when working on the computer in bed. Have any tips?

This is a great question. While our editrix is obsessed with her posture (she has never had the best posture and has tried everything from corsets to rods to improve it), she is no expert on these matters. But lucky for you, her chiropractor Michael Dorausch at ADIO L.A. was kind enough to take some time out of his day to help us answer this pressing question.

Bad laptop posture!“Hunching forward for long periods of time is one of top things that lands laptop users in my office regularly,” Dorausch told Sex and the 405 over e-mail. “If you take that same posture in bed, then there are the same issues. Add to that the reality that most beds are too soft to support sitting for long periods of time — not only is the upper back hunched, but the lower back gets strained as well.”

But what if you’re lying down?

“Make use of pillows to support your back, neck, and at times, to rest your laptop on,” Dorausch suggests. “With the right combos, you can get the task accomplished with little to no back strain. One more reason to have multiple sizes, shapes and thicknesses of pillows available.”

If pillow fighting in lingerie isn’t a good enough reason, think of your back!

So what’s the best position for working on a laptop?

“Sitting upright with the laptop on a table or some other support, is usually one’s best bet,” Dorausch says. “I catch patients sitting cross legged all the time, using their crossed legs as a laptop holder. It’s not something I recommend doing often.”

And what are some ways of reducing stress on your neck and back while working long hours at a laptop?

“Stretches are great,” Dorausch tells us, adding: “of course you want to be doing them properly. I’m obviously biased, being a chiropractor, but I think getting checked for postural and related computer activities is a good investment. Additionally, I’ve gotten good feedback from patients using yoga stretches and pilates exercises to build strength and flexibility in their spines.”

You heard the man. Make an appointment to check up on the damage and start putting that Wii Fit to good use on back-strengthening exercises. Make no mistake: an upright person is a sexy person.

Photo used features Joanna Lord, courtesy of Michael Dorausch.