Man Wins Lottery, Leaves Wife

Dec 17, 2009 • News


Donna Campbell and her husband Arnim Ramdass had an average marriage–until her husband won the lottery. Ramdass did not tell Campbell about the $19 million jackpot he won alongside 16 other airline mechanics–in fact, he hid it, going as far as to cut off the phone and television to prevent her finding out.

He had the earnings sent to a daughter from a previous marriage and took off.

“I have asked myself over and over what I did to deserve this, to deserve this ending,” Campbell said.

Campbell was recently evicted from her house after her husband stopped making payments on their mortgage. She filed a suit, but the case was dismissed. Now Campbell wants to divorce Ramdass and file another suit for her half of the money, but her husband is nowhere to be found and can’t be served the papers.

“I intend to find him. I will keep trying until I get him,” Campbell said.

We hope so, sister. That’s weak.

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