Not In The Mood? Hit The Gym

Feb 18, 2010 • Health, News

According to Sex & A Healthier You, a site dedicated to sexual health, metabolic syndrome is one of the greatest enemies of the libido. Why? Your cholesterol level and how well your body uses insulin are linked to your sexual health.

[Metabolic syndrome] is marked by high blood pressure, abdominal obesity (typically, more than 35 inches around the waist for women, 40 inches for men), insulin resistance high blood levels of insulin, low HDL “good” cholesterol and high triglycerides. If you have at least three of these markers, you may have metabolic syndrome.

In one study, researchers enrolled 100 premenopausal women with metabolic syndrome and assessed their sexual function with a commonly used test called the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI).

Compared to women without metabolic syndrome, those with the condition had a significantly lower FSFI score. While 77 percent of women without metabolic syndrome had “good” sexual function, just 55 percent of those with the condition did. In addition, about a third of women with metabolic syndrome had an “intermediate” function and nine percent had poor function compared to 21 percent and two percent respectively.

Working out and embracing fish, nuts and fruits in one’s diet go a long way. Not to mention that working out relieves stress and helps build endurance and increases our flexibility — key components in epic sexing.

Don’t just do it to be pretty. Do it to develop this body that belongs to you and only you so that you may enjoy all the pleasures it has to offer you.

Information from Sex & A Healthier You.

  • alex

    OH! I thought all my heavy-weight lifting was giving me super-high testosterone levels and that’s why I was getting wet watching boys do chin-ups. Now I know. Thank you, kindly.

  • Tech Babe

    I “embrace nuts” at least 5x’s a week=)

  • Corazon

    Reading this article makes me very happy. I am thankful for my marathon-trained body, which makes a world of difference for bedroom marathon sexcapades. Thank you!