Like Tinder, But Rated NC-17

Jul 15, 2014 • Technology, teh inetrwebz, web

Mixxxers a web-app for explicit pix and hookups

Tired of dealing with adult-unfriendly attitudes from mainstream app stores, the team at Mixxxer threw in the towel, choosing instead to develop their explicit hookup app for use on mobile browsers. Like other hookup services, Mixxxer uses your device’s geolocation to find other users who are nearby and also looking for a good time. Basically, it’s like Tinder, but rated NC-17. Oh, who are we kidding — Mixxxer’s “anything goes” attitude pretty much guarantees you’ll be seeing a range of everything from G to XXX. Just the way you like it and just the way you deserve.

Because many users might be concerned about their privacy when sharing photos of themselves that are very adult in nature, Mixxxer enables users to put their images under a “privacy filter.” This feature basically blurs an image just enough to provide both plausible deniability and the ability to show off what their genes or their surgeon gave them. In-house, the Mixxxer team has taken to calling it the “shower door,” which might be a perk in its own right for the voyeurs among us.

Mixxxers a web-app for explicit pix and hookups

There are no restrictions on what users who have established a mutual connection can send to one another via the chat program built into the web app, though paying members can message anyone they like.

“With adult dating, anything goes,” says the Mixxxer blog. Nevertheless, “you’d be surprised just how similar adult sex dating is to the standard type of dating you’re used to. It’s all about meeting people with similar interests, outlooks, likes, and dislikes… but within the context of a carefree, fun, sexy interface that is guaranteed to meet the needs of everyone involved.”