Obscene on Facebook!

Apr 20, 2010 • Culture, Eyecandy, Photography, web, Women

Ah, Facebook. You’re like that girl we date that makes us crazy but we just can’t leave her. We cheat with Twitter and a handful of other social networks, thinking we might just do it, we might just jump ship, but we never do and we know, somewhere deep inside, that we never will.

Even when we get warnings like this one:

This is the third time our editrix has violated Facebook with nudity. The photo in question — taken by Curious Josh Reiss — is below for your viewing pleasure:

Have you ever had a photo removed for violating the Facebook guidelines for photos?

Photo by Josh Reiss.

  • http://www.tabutoys.com alex

    We’ve had an entire account removed for uploading a “questionable” photo. Not only would they not tell us which photo it was, they banned the email addresses connected to the account. Nice to see others get warnings, we just got the ban.

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