OK On The Cover, Not In The Office

Jan 12, 2010 • Culture, Nudity

Condé Nast is down when it comes to a little skin in their rags, but God forbid anyone show any in the workplace. According to Mediabistro, a Bride magazine employee was recently laid off for showing her boob job to two female colleagues who were personal friends.

Mind you, no actual flashing occurred. Reports indicate that the employee in question kept her sports bra on. Though the incident occurred in her private office, behind closed doors, people got wind of it and soon, HR was involved. The woman was dismissed immediately with no severance and it appears that Condé Nast is now looking into revoking her unemployment benefits as well.


Image from Tthe Real Malingering. Information from Mediabistro.

  • http://www.stonepool.com Bruce N. Stein

    While I think it overly harsh, I do think the scenario should have resulted in punitive action. Likely, a mere warning would have sufficed.

    You don’t allow these things to happen at work if for no other reason than, if misconstrued, it can literally cost you thousands of dollars.

  • Anaiis

    This is why I think everyone should work in lingerie. Less confusion.