Strippers Fund Schools

May 13, 2010 • News

“Support single moms,” say the shirts bearing a picture of a woman hanging on a pole. Oh, those poor, poor strippers. They have to get naked to support their kids because that’s their only real option.

What if we told you that these women were supporting your kids?

Check this out: Illusions Gentleman’s Club in Long Island is charging five dollars at the door. This money isn’t for the club or the girls — it’s to help maintain school programs that are in danger of being cut due to lack of funding.

They’re calling it the “pole tax” but that’s not all — many of the strippers involved plan to donate some of the tips they make onstage.

This isn’t the first time a strip club has done something like this. In the last two years, a club in Texas has imposed a pole tax and managed to raise over $13 million to fund sexual assault prevention programs.

So next time you look down on a woman in the skin biz, consider this: what have you done lately to help out around the city?

Information from MyFox NY, via Shoes.