Swami Sex Tape Scandal

Mar 06, 2010 • News, Sex Tape

No one is immune to sex tapes! Not rockstars, actors, heiresses, politicians or spiritual leaders! Swami Nithyananda falls into the last category. According to his ashram, he’s “attending the Kumbh Mela” right now, which we’re pretty sure is the Indian version of skipping town. Why? Earlier this week a tape was released by the media featuring him and an Indian actress.

The tape has caused enormous controversy and OneIndia is reporting that followers are now attacking his ashrams in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and that the local government is investigating the matter.

“Two cases of cheating has been filed against the Swamiji for hurting people’s religious sentiments,” OneIndia reported today. “The Chennai police are still searching for him.”

They’re also reporting that Ranjitha, the actress featured in the sex tape, has attempted suicide. The report mentions she was married but is now divorced and that there are rumors that the actress herself created the tape to blackmail the spiritual leader, but nothing has been confirmed.

In the U.S., a sex tape is a cheap publicity stunt and call for attention. In other places — they’ll burn your effigies in the streets, vandalize your property and send the police after you. Serious business.

Images from BigNews and IndianVintage. Information from OneIndia.