Do You Take It In The Ass? (NSFW)

Feb 03, 2010 • Advertising, Culture, web

A question we’re sure a lot of people wish they could ask on a first date, but tend not to. As with anything that might be important to you, we here at Sex and the 405 think you should certainly ask. Don’t let them kid you, sexual compatibility is important in a relationship:

We are going to have this song stuck in our heads all day. The least we could do is share.

You’re welcome!

Via Peter Shankman.

  • Fred

    Not bad.

    But check out this one, even funnier!

  • Tech Babe

    Hahahahaha!!!! OMFG!!!!! This is fantastic! Thanks!

  • DNA Cowboy

    OK, so now you’re telling me that it’s NOT a common courtesy to ask this simple question? Yet another faux pas on my part. Explains the constant slapping though…