A Documentary About Monogamy Driven by Personal Narrative

Dec 09, 2013 • Film

WHYNOT, a film by Dhruv Dhawan about monogamy

Most people involved with social issues and film know Dhruv Dhawan as an acclaimed documentary filmmaker. But in his family, Dhawan is the eldest son, which means that success is more than making a mark in one’s industry. Ever since he graduated, the pressure to marry has mounted. Finding the idea of life-long monogamy difficult, Dhawan decided to explore the basis of marriage and monogamy in the only way he knows how — through film.

The result of this soul-searching is WHYKNOT, a documentary about a man’s personal journey across the foundation of monogamy. The film follows Dhawan as he attends lavish Indian weddings, discusses monogamy and marriage with family members and experts in various fields, and works to navigate the intricacies of his own open relationship with the woman he loves, searching for answers to timeless questions such as: why do we marry and cheat in almost every culture in the world? Why is monogamy so important to a relationship and why does infidelity cause so much grief? Is sexual jealousy innate in humans or nurtured in a world of possessions? Is it possible to separate love and sex and stay in love?

Dhawan is using the crowd-sourcing platform Indiegogo to raise money for the completion of the film.

“This film’s objective is not to advocate for or against monogamy, but to break the silence and provoke thought on an issue which affects so many relationships and families today,” he writes. “[The film crew’s] vision is to empower relationships and to encourage communication within, hoping that one day, infidelity and the containment of our desires may only be a remnant of human history.”

  • Darrel Ray

    I look forward to this film as I think it will get a discussion going that is way over due. Every culture should be asking basic questions about relationships, rather than just accepting centuries of tradition.

  • Honei Meherish

    A documentary that will bring a stop to a lot of questions… Cannot wait to watch this one!!!

  • http://bellagirlsbeauty.blogspot.ca/ Hannah Bella

    Can’t wait to see the film to be finished :)!

  • Selo

    And I hope this’ll get a lot of people to start asking questions about things that we take as granted.

  • Ahmed Fouad

    This kind of film is long overdue, and with Dhruv Dhawan at the helm my expectations are very high.

  • Abidemi

    A very interesting way to bring this delicate topic to life… Can’t wait to see it!

  • Ajay

    A timely film with all that’s going on in the world of relationships and sexuality, I hope your research will transform our thinking on the subject matter. Thank you for taking this step Dhruv, looking forward to the final product!

  • DBsknees

    Would be interested to see how this pans out. Having experienced a lot of the same ‘difficulties’ as Dhruv, I can’t wait to see what conclusions he draws (if any)…..

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