Yum, Yum: Dolce Boys

Jan 25, 2010 • Culture, Eyecandy, Fashion, Men

We had some sexy ladies earlier this morning through the link on our interview with CelebrityFantasies, so we thought to include a little bit of noms for us lovers of men.

Behold the beautiful creatures that are Adam Senn, Sam Webb, Noah Mills and David Gandy! Behold the thankless, horrific task that is method acting and modeling! But, oh, the suggestion of testosterone…

Dolce, dolce, dolce.

Video by Swide, via @FemminaForte.

  • http://twitter.com/liras_alchemist Liras

    ‘Yum’ is not a strong enough word to describe this. I am thinking along the lines of ‘delectable’!

    • Anaiis

      Right? Mmmmm!