Every woman knows the word slut has power. Whether you love it or hate it, the word “slut” is an evocation of a gender double standard used to control women and no woman alive hasn’t thought about what it means to be labeled in this way. In some cultures, where honor killings take place, it is a matter of life or death. If you’re a “good” woman, don’t kid yourself. It means you’ve spent your life and will continue to spend your life calibrating your appearance, speech and behavior so that you are not a slut.

Sandra Fluke, who finally got her opportunity to share the views of Georgetown Law’s Students for Reproductive Justice, told those in attendance about the plight faced by women who need birth control not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to treat illness such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis. On his show, Rush Limbaugh responded that the only reason students care about contraception is because they’re oversexed.

Hoping to provide pro-choice supporters a space to counter anti-abortion rhetoric and activity surrounding the “40 Days for Life” Lent campaign, a Tumblr has been erected to cheer on those who believe that a woman’s body doesn’t belong to society. “We believe that women deserve accurate and impartial information about their pregnancy options and that abortion should be legal and accessible for those women who require it,” reads the 40 Days of Choice site.

The International AIDS Conference — a gathering of all those involved in working for the eradication and treatment of HIV, as well as policymakers and activists — is returning to the United States after 22 years this July to assess the scientific progress that has been made and lobby for improvements in policy regarding the populations most affected by HIV and AIDS.

The shutting down of this section, in my opinion, and the shift in focus to other sites to achieve similar results is a huge error that will not only not help the dire situation faced by sex trafficking victims, but endanger men and women who are involved in sex work by choice or non-coerced necessity.

On June 12, 2010, a bunch of people are going to gather in Boston to discuss how pornography exploits women, breeds hatred, turns men into monsters and generally destroys lives and civilizations. You’re crazy if you think porn valley’s gonna take this one lying down like a pillow queen.

Los Angeles. City of Angeles, high hopes and broken dreams. Bastion of pollution and filth. Your mortality has never felt more real than it does as your eyes run down the numbers. Total Population: 17,786,419 Pediatric Asthma: 442,040 Adult Asthma: 1,094,827 Chronic Bronchitis: 556,68 Emphysema: 200,338 More from Forbes: Sunny areas like Los Angeles face…continue reading.

We here at Sex and the 405 get so much sex, we made it halfway through May without knowing that apparently, May is National Masturbation Month. Actually, we get so much sex, we made it 15 years without knowing. OK, that’s a lame excuse. We failed you and we’re sorry. So get this, National Masturbation…continue reading.

All right, this isn’t sexy. But we here at Sex and the 405 think it’s paramount that everyone maintains their bodies in top shape so they can enjoy the pleasures that sex can bring. With this in mind, we bring you an offer from You Never Really Know, a site dedicated to safe sex. This…continue reading.

OMG, no way. Remember Jordy, that super guy we told you about last month who won the Hottest Bod in the World contest? He’s trying to raise funds for relief in Haiti (so hot and so sweet!). To this end, he is auctioning himself off on eBay for a chic Hollywood date! Calling all lovers…continue reading.