40 Days of Choice

Feb 28, 2012 • Causes, Culture

40 Days of Choice

Hoping to provide pro-choice supporters a space to counter anti-abortion rhetoric and activity surrounding the “40 Days for Life” Lent campaign, a Tumblr has been erected to cheer on those who believe that a woman’s body doesn’t belong to society.

Introducing 40 Days of Choice, a Tumblr based in the U.K. and supported by Education for Choice, bpas, FPA and Abortion Rights, all members of the pro-choice coalition Voice For Choice.

“We believe that women deserve accurate and impartial information about their pregnancy options and that abortion should be legal and accessible for those women who require it,” reads the 40 Days of Choice About section. Every day, they will be posting an entry celebrating the right to choose.

Only a week in, they have posted a link to the back story about what pregnancy options counselors really do, and to the free short film Obvious Child, about a woman who chooses to terminate her pregnancy. Most moving, perhaps, are the pictures they post daily sent in by readers, holding signs that state they support a woman’s right to choose.

40 Days of Choice writes:

Opinion polls consistently show the majority of people support a woman’s right to choose, and this support cuts across lines of faith and politics. There’s a widespread understanding that women need to be able to control the timing and size of their families, and that abortion is an important back-up to contraception if women are to be able to make real choices about their lives.

But the persistent minority who oppose a woman’s right to choose often try to make out the tide is turning. To kick off 40 Days of Choice send us your pics to show that, actually, it’s not.

Tweet us @40DaysofChoice or submit a photo of yourself with an ‘I ♥ pro choice’ sign -– wherever or whenever the mood takes you — and we’ll publish them here.

Header image via 40 Days of Choice.