A few days ago, the adult online destination Wood Rocket announced it was casting for a Doctor Who porn parody, due out sometime in May. The media jumped on the story, but from AV Club to io9, it seems the axiom “you never forget your first Doctor” doesn’t extend to porn. This isn’t the first time the long-running popular BBC show will make an adult detour. But who was the first porn Doctor?

The intent to make the subset of men interested in the revamped My Little Pony franchise acceptable to the mainstream has ignored a very real — and often vilified — aspect of “brony” culture: sex. The outlet for self-expression created by this fandom is vast and, as with other fandoms, this will necessarily include the natural biological aspect of sex. The reaction to this, however, has been overwhelmingly negative. A whole new word has been created for them to set them apart from brony culture: they’re cloppers.

The mad rush to create porn that would interest women predates the runaway success of the Fifty Shades trilogy. Finally, people are realizing that women aren’t less visual than men, less interested in sex, less filled with desire and fantasy. The problem, for many, comes back to a question that’s over a hundred years old: what do women want? Two guys in the Netherlands think they have the answer: porna.

It was an average Tuesday in 1990 when HBO first aired Real Sex. No one had any idea at the time that it would captivate 2.8 million households across the nation, or that what had initially been designed as a 60-minute documentary special would become a successful series spanning two decades. Real Sex showed us a wider spectrum of sexuality long before accessing the unknown through the internet became the norm.

“I am a Game of Thrones fanatic, so getting to make Game of Bones – The XXX Parody is an amazing opportunity for me,” award-winning skin flick director Lee Roy Myers said in a press release. “I will ensure that we capture the look and feel of the show, and then parody the hell out of it. Also, fans will finally get to see the one thing that the show has been missing: full penetration.”

The body of her relationship with long-time boyfriend Mark Griffiths wasn’t even cold when rumors started to circulate that actress Gillian Anderson was dating her former X Files co-star David Duchovny. According to gossip site Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Scully and Mulder have been shacking up in his L.A. home.

Lacey Wildd appeared on Dr. Drew On Call last week to discuss her breasts, which are currently an L-cup. The segment opened with Dr. Drew announcing, “joining me is Lacey Wildd, a mother who is risking her health and perhaps her family’s well-being to have a record-breaking endowment.” Below Wildd’s name on the marquee, the words “ADDICTED TO PLASTIC SURGERY” flashed. Just in case the show’s angle was unclear to anyone.

The game comes to you courtesy of the UK’s Channel 4, which is using it to get people excited about a show by the same name that’s a sort of hybrid of CBS’s Amazing Race and, well, a really progressive sex ed exercise.

Nothing highlights cultural differences better than popular culture. Consider, for example, Bailando por un Sueño, the Latin American version of Dancing with the Stars. In the Argentinian version of the program, the show actually hosted a striptease-themed competition among participants.

The show is about a girl from the Midwest whose boyfriend convinces her to go to L.A. to become a porn star. Mark Wahlberg, who did OK with the porn on Boogie Nights and brought you a peek into show biz with Entourage is behind this, of course.