Hollywood Takes on The Skin Biz

Aug 24, 2010 • Culture, Television

Hollywood takes on the skin biz. Why not? Times are tough everyone’s sinking and God knows the Valley has more implants per capita than Tinseltown proper.

HBO is about to get a little more interesting with a new drama about the skin biz, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Mark Wahlberg, who did OK with the porn on Boogie Nights and brought you a peek into show biz with Entourage is behind this, of course. And they’ve got master of poetic license James Frey writing the pilot about a girl from the Midwest whose boyfriend convinces her to go to L.A. to become a porn star and her travails in an industry under siege by user-generated content and other competitors on the web.

“We’re going to make a sprawling epic about the porn business in L.A.,” Frey said. “We’re going to tell the type of stories no one else has told before, and go places no one has gone before.”

We’ll be the judges of that. Get to work, boys! We’re waiting.

Image by Robin Kanouse.