Productivity Killer: The Great Sperm Race Game

Jan 19, 2011 • Culture, Television

Sex education — there is more than one way to do it and as games become more and more popular tools for educators, it was only a matter of time before we ended up with something like this. Introducing the Great Sperm Race, a game that casts you as a sperm inside a treacherous vaginal cavity.

First one to the egg wins!

The Great Sperm Race

The game comes to you courtesy of the UK’s Channel 4, which is using it to get people excited about a show by the same name that’s a sort of hybrid of CBS’s Amazing Race and, well, a really progressive sex ed exercise.

This race pits 250 million competitors against one another on a course full of obstacles meant to reflect the peril faced by sperm as they make their way to an egg.

“It tells the story of human conception as it’s never been told before,” touts the page announcing the show. “Using helicopter-mounted cameras, world-renowned scientists, CGI and dramatic reconstruction, we’ll illustrate the extraordinary journey of sperm.”

Our heroes, the sperm — it’s unclear whether the contestants will be dressed as sperm or simply represent sperm — are tasked with the following:

With the microscopic world of sperm and egg accurately scaled up by 34,000 times, we see the human-sized heroes negotiate some of the world’s most striking landscapes when the epic proportions of the vagina become the Canadian Rockies and the buildings on London’s South Bank symbolize the intricacies of the cervix.

With the female body designed to repel and destroy invaders, from acidic vaginal walls to impassable cervical crypts, the sperm face unremitting obstacles. Huge swathes perish and only one will reach the ultimate goal — fertilization of the egg and the beginnings of new life.

Oh, whatever would we do without the UK? This kind of thing would never, ever fly in the US. Ever. It’s just too inappropriate and dangerous. And someone would probably find a way to accuse it of being sexist, too.

So what are you waiting for? Go play the game.

Via Jason Goldman. Image via Channel 4