A Love Note

Nov 20, 2009 • Lessons

noteLadies, if there is anything I would like to stress in this piece, it is the all too forgotten power of ink and penmanship…

In this overly digital age, we have completely lost sight of the sexiness that is a woman’s handwriting. Mix that with the intentions to show both gratitude for an evening of pleasure and a mischievous desire to revisit, and you get a classic PG-rated memento, with XXX implications.

It had been a very long time since I have received a love note.

Maybe my previous performances hadn’t been note worthy…perhaps. Or maybe, along with most of the world, we have lost sight of what it means to offer a true and organic personal touch. Well, I’m here to say that you need to bring it back, because the results can be, well… orgasmic!

Her note was extremely terse and succinct, but written with a handwriting reserved for Kings and Queens.

It very simply stated, “You’re delicious”, and she signed her initial. Then she just simply placed it on top of my laptop, and let herself out of my hotel room. When I returned to the room, though I would have preferred seeing the dark-haired beauty still lying naked amidst the sheets, focusing in on the note brought about a perfect smile.

Granted, there are times when this endearing attempt will fall tremendously short, and your note will end up as his basketball practice into the garbage can. Ladies, know your audience. You are clearly the superior species, with a level of perception for the opposite sex that completely scares the shit out of me. Therefore, use this tool when it fits, and do not force it. If you are the item of the evening, do not romanticize it, just use him back. However, if there is a connection, and he is interested, this little extra effort will work out beautifully.

It worked beautifully on me, and one day I may even share what I did with my “delicious” XXX implicated memento…

Image from Jaime.