An App That Lies for You

Oct 28, 2010 • Apps, Culture

Fake Call LocationsIt’s hard to get a good alibi these days. Information is essential in Los Angeles, and you never know when someone’s gonna sell out your whereabouts for a photo op. Fear not, you no longer need to rely on other people.

Technology is here for you.

Told your wife you’re blowing off steam, cruising along the PCH when you’re really in a suite in Beverly Hills “getting a tour of Amsterdam”? You need iDeluxe’s Fake Call Locations iPhone app.

The app is simple: it plays ambient sounds in the background of your call, so even if you have a gorgeous blonde sucking your dick passionately between your legs or a hunk giving your ass an epic rimjob, you can still make a convincing case for the traffic, a crowd, or even the sounds of the great outdoors.

Assuming you can stifle the moans, that is. Don’t be stupid, now. The only fail possible is between the chair and the keyboard… or the touchscreen and the bed, if you will.

Did we mention you can record your own items to playback during calls? It’s technology at work for the Ferris Bueller in all of us. You know, the one all grown up now and with a Tiger Woods kind of hunger.