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Now, the Folsom Street Fair is acknowledged to be the world’s largest leather event. Wikipedia calls it California’s third largest spectator event. This year it is estimated that 400,000 people attended the one-day festival this past Sunday.

The next day I ran through the details of the encounter and my cheeks flushed. It was super sexy and fun, but I was left with a disturbing discovery — the “toppy” side of my sexuality. Had I let it loose, I was afraid I would have been the most brutal, perverted top, and that it would sabotage my submission to Sir M. I am not a switch!

I need a lot of sex. In fact, I’m nearly insatiable. When I don’t get enough cock I think about it incessantly. This is why, my master has tasked me with finding a stud.

When I told G I wouldn’t be out that Saturday night with Sir M and her to play at the dungeon party she was sincerely sad. “I like it when you’re there to share the pain with me,” she said.

Last week’s story ended in a precarious place, with me stumbling over my own ego, trying to control the situation, and enraging Sir M. I punished myself and Sir M punished me further by threatening to release me.

I’m in service to a Dom who is an edge player –- meaning he likes the more dangerous BDSM activities. He loves to scratch a deadly sharp blade across my body that could slice me open with one false move. He chokes me and alters my breathing. Sometimes he sets me aflame. In other words: he likes extremes.

When I was out of tow, Sir M. started playing with a new partner, a beautiful fetish model named G. He began formally training her four weeks ago. I found out on the social networking website we use.

I’ve been bad. I deserve to be punished. So I lie in a dog’s cage naked, on my side with legs curled up, pondering my transgression. I’m wearing only the chain leash attached to my rhinestone-studded collar, and a thick blindfold.

Sir M laid down the floggers he’d just used on my back. I was blindfolded and chained up on the Saint Andrew’s cross. The sounds of chatter drifted in through the window but inside the purple room was fairly silent. I breathed deeply to prepare mentally and physically for the next round of beatings.

The “under consideration” period in the BDSM world is something like a trial period or an engagement. It could take any length of time and Sir M does not have a formal procedure in place. The desired outcome of being under consideration is that he will grant my petition to become his personal submissive.