Sharing the Pain

Aug 17, 2010 • Daisy, Diary

Daisy Tralala Journey of a Submissive

When I told G I wouldn’t be out that Saturday night with Sir M and her to play at the dungeon party she was sincerely sad. “I like it when you’re there to share the pain with me,” she said.

I assumed she meant that when I’m not there, he does longer BDSM sessions with her and she gets worn out. But the following week it took on a new meaning.

G and I got to do a scene together where we shared the pain, literally.

Sir M had her restrained to the wood frame in our usual corner of the dungeon’s main room and was beating hard on her back until it looked like an uncooked breakfast steak. At some point he had me come in front of her to caress her breasts and kiss her. I sucked her nipples and nibbled them until she squealed. All the while Sir M was tapping her ribs and calves with a cane.

I realized I’d bitten too hard. It felt strange to be the one inflicting pain in this scene since in BDSM I’m strictly submissive.

“My nipples are really sensitive but that was a good pain!” she said and chuckled slightly.

I held her by the rib cage and smashed my breasts right into hers. Her neck was so inviting and soft, my lips landed there.

Sir M said, “bite her neck, she likes it.”

I love having my neck bitten too so I knew what to do. Her breathing changed and she relaxed into the pain of his session, smiling.

My turn

When it was my turn for impact play he laid in hard. My arms were shaking in the restraints and my knees went limp. I groaned and whimpered. Sir M paused to give me a break and caress me. Then I realized there were four hands caressing me. A double treat! I can be greedy when it comes to my hedonism so this was very pleasing.

I floated off as G played with my breasts and he hit my backside with a strap. She was afraid to squeeze them hard but I urged her to use all her hand strength until a wave of warmth spread thru me. The combination of pain and pleasure was exquisite. Soon I felt her fingers probing my dripping wet cunt. Actually I was wet half way down to my knees by that point. She stayed pressed against me and kissed me with soft, full, parted lips.

I didn’t focus on the beating I was getting; I almost didn’t care. It was intoxicating to be with such a feminine, submissive woman. I just melted into her and wanted to devour her. When I kissed her back I felt a magical connection and drifted off further into a subspace trance.

Sir M was right behind me to supervise, a hand around my throat. He instructed her to insert more fingers. As she slid them in my muscles clenched to keep her in there. She twisted her hand and manipulated my G-spot until I came hard and squirted.

I was extremely woozy when he released me from the restraints so he had me rest my head on his lap while he sat in his armchair. G came next to us and hugged both of us.

I wished that moment could have lasted for hours. We basked in the shared bliss, and the extraordinary symbiosis forming between the three of us.


I would define symbiosis in this context as the mutual state of divine joy that springs from the emotional intensity, intimacy and vulnerability that takes place in the power exchange of BDSM play.

There is symbiosis in a healthy D/s relationship between Dom and sub. Each complements the other and fulfills a need. Sharing this dynamic between three people increases it to an exponential level. I feel it as a vibrant energy force that connects us through pain and pleasure. Without a doubt it emanates from Sir M. I wonder if he is channeling the chakral energies?

Maybe I over-think these unnamed pleasures, but I know my heart opened up from that experience and has stayed open. It was crucial for me, coming shortly after I’d had serious problems with Sir M and had gone through a rough period of adjustment to the new triad.


These sessions are immensely important to me on many levels. Of course there is the service aspect, knowing how happy this must make Sir M to have two extraordinary females together. Every man’s fantasy come true! There is the greedy pleasure for me, the happiness of knowing this is pleasurable for her, and the intense bond she and I forge through these encounters.

Sir M has integrated G and I into other play scenes together and it’s been an extremely powerful experience for both of us. The simple act of holding hands as we alternately get flogged helps us bear the pain and enjoy the scene more.

It strengthens our bond with each other to simultaneously feel our own pain and feel empathy for each other. Now, at times when he beats her I unconsciously groan!

Ultimately these experiences connect me to Sir M more deeply. Every day I am more in awe of his power and skills as a Dom. I trust Sir M to know what I need and guide me on my respective journey. It’s lovely to have a new travel companion to share the pain with.