The Kiss of the Singletail Whip

Jun 29, 2010 • Daisy, Diary

Daisy Tralala Journey of a Submissive

Sir M laid down the floggers he’d just used on my back. I was blindfolded and chained up on the Saint Andrew’s cross. The sounds of chatter drifted in through the window but inside the purple room was fairly silent. I breathed deeply to prepare mentally and physically for the next round of beatings. The pause went on longer than usual and I detected some muffled conversation on the other side of the room.

I felt what seemed to be a satin ribbon gliding along my shoulder blades. The intensity increased very gradually but felt deceptively soft.

Baffled, I called out: “Sir?” a few times.

“No… It’s not Sir M,” a female voice behind me responded.

It was Mistress E, a highly skilled Domme and Sir M’s life partner.

Mistress E is petite but has a strong presence. She is a powerful force in a small package.

She doesn’t typically play with female subs and has only played with me briefly once before, together with Sir M. This was an unusual treat.

The intensity of her warm-up continued at the same gradual pace. The ribbon sensation heightened and felt like a soft patch of lambskin brushing my back. It became stronger and more focused with each stroke, yet still deliciously mysterious.

As the strokes intensified I felt more precise and sharp landing points. Each was placed with perfect symmetry.

Aha! She was using the singletail whip. Mistress E is considered an expert singletailer, having trained under a top practitioner.

I had only witnessed one or two scenes of a sub being whipped with the singletail up to that point, but was terrified of it anyway.

The singletail whip is an object of awe in the BDSM world. In the wrong hands it can slice a body in two. Few Doms use the singletail for it takes a great deal of practice and training to use it properly. When a Dom or Domme uses the singletail as well as Mistress E, crowds will gather to watch.

I was curious to know what she was doing and what it looked like. At the same time, being blindfolded helped me relax into it and not let terror get the best of me.

I sensed that her feet were planted firmly on the floor and upper body held taut and still, because I heard no movement. The only sound was of her breathing. That also meant she was fairly close to me so she had to be using a shorter whip.

The lashes became stronger and had a slight sting to them. Sir M had given me a long gradual warm up just prior to this so I was in an optimum state to process these sensations.

My breath deepened to help deflect the pain. At each point of contact I imagined the pain spreading out and dissipating, and quickly exiting my body through the crown of my head.

Instead of tensing up as I often do, I flowed with my breath. It calmed my body and mind. I felt floaty and detached from the sensations happening to me.

I got into sync with her rhythm and felt elated. I was vaguely aware of making ecstatic groans and mewing like a kitten.

“I think we have a convert!” Mistress E said. “She is loving this singletail! What happened to the screamer with no pain tolerance?”

I smiled and my eyes rolled back in my head. My body was languid and completely relaxed.

Then all extraneous sounds in the room melted away, except for the amplified tone of her steady deep breathing. Her breath sounded extremely feminine but full of determination.

I exited my body and felt at one with her. Pain bounced right off of me.

Once I broke through the wall of pain, I was flying!

The experience seemed like something I’ve watched in sci-fi movies: treading through a thick barrier of a dense gelatinous substance and arriving at an altered reality on the other side. I was in subspace.

Waves of sharp pleasure radiated molecule by molecule throughout my body from each kiss of the singletail.

The lashes intensified but it didn’t matter. I was riding her wave like an ecstatic surfer. I leaned back and smiled harder.

Eventually she cooled down and stopped.

My only thought was– stopping? Already?

That rapturous state brought about from all the endorphins released during this play stayed with me for several days. It was divine! I was proud of myself for learning to endure and enjoy the pain, proud that I’d overcome my fear of the whip.

I was seduced by the kiss of Mistress E’s singletail whip.