Bill O’Reilly Exposes Gender Bias On The Factor

Aug 23, 2010 • Hollywoody, News

Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian did a pictorial for Elle magazine’s September issue inspired by The Graduate — you guys remember the movie with Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman, original MILF?

FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly questioned guests about whether this was appropriate, saying he wasn’t into women at 16, just wanted to be a baseball player, then pointed out that if the genders were reversed this would have upset a lot of people.

We here at Sex and the 405 happen to agree.

You can watch the clip here, where you can also note how GawkerTV totally took his words out of context saying O’Reilly was deeply disturbed because he does not want Beiber to have sex with Kardashian.

Image from FOXNews, via GawkerTV.

  • Mariah

    The star of The Graduate was DUSTIN Hoffman, not Justin.

  • Anaiis

    Talk about auto-correct fails! Thanks for pointing it out.