You’ve seen Post Secret, anonymous postcards with heart-warming and terrible secrets. You’ve seen Texts from Last Night, hilarious, usually drunken text message exchanges. Now you have Filthy E-mails, a blog that collects and runs anonymous electronic messages with a filthy intent.

The imagination is rarely given enough credit. Think of the eroticism inherent in the careful W of skin on the nape of a maiko’s neck. Or the hint of cleavage created by toes in a pair of satin pumps. When was the last time you beheld something so suggestive it was more erotic than actually seeing the real thing might have been?

Whatever your views may be when it comes to flesh on social networks, you have to agree that a process that doesn’t notify users of actions being taken by a social network with regard to their content is one that breeds insecurity and doubt. How can we feel that Google+ is an extension of our homes when we can’t be sure that we’re allowed to voice our opinions? This situation is grave indeed.

We concede that we’re not the typical porn consumers, but even so, we had a feeling we were not the only ones who get distracted during porn by certain errors or leaps of creative license in story lines that deal with our respective fields or topics of interest. Turns out we were right.

What happened to us? What happened to people me? Where I was running with packs of people who have bold ideas, inventing these amazing things, being at the forefront, and now I’m handing my communities and my value over to gatekeepers? And these things are being built not by leaders, but by followers. So why are we doing this?

My Google Plus profile was suspended for no apparent reason. Here, I break down the points made by the vague notice I received and discuss my dissatisfaction with the manner that Google+ is handling their spam sweep.

The security of being able to filter adult content – a false promise unless dot-xxx is mandatory – is not enough to give up our ability to express ourselves however we desire, whether this is through a business enterprise or for our personal entertainment on our privately owned domains.

Give a human being the opportunity to name something — they’ll not only take it, they’ll make you proud. Behold the following examples encapsulated in the following wi-fi networks.

Our editrix likes introductory e-mails from people she doesn’t know. At the risk of a whipping, we’re going to refrain from calling this practice slightly passé and suggest, instead, that if the usual method of requesting a friendship without comment fails to result in a connection, consider sending a short message explaining who you are and why you want to connect with the person in question.

It was only a matter of time before someone decided to get on a high horse and wag a finger at the victims of the Porn Wikileaks release of some 15,000 real names and addresses of porn performers and their families. CNET’s Chris Matyszczyk, known for his irreverent commentary, took it too far by minimalizing the problem of Porn Wikileaks and blaming victims for the career paths they’d chosen.