How To Get A Stranger to Facebook Friend You

Apr 06, 2011 • Culture, How To, Lessons, web

We’ll open this piece by showing you what not to do:

How to lose Facebook friends and alienate people

We really wish this were some guy just out for a troll. But it appears that he’s serious. In what universe does this sort of behavior render positive results? We hope he’s not awaiting a response. Once you’ve tasted the lash of our editrix’s indifference, there is no hope for you.

But let’s talk about getting friended, shall we? Our editrix likes introductory e-mails from people she doesn’t know. At the risk of a whipping, we’re going to refrain from calling this practice slightly passé and suggest, instead, that if the usual method of requesting a friendship without comment fails to result in a connection, consider sending a short message explaining who you are and why you want to connect with the person in question.

The message needn’t be elaborate. And think twice before trying to be cute. Feel the other person’s receptivity before you jump into flirting. It doesn’t hurt to have some actual conversation and on-site interaction before you start trying to digitally stroke her thigh.