WINNING: Charlie Sheen’s Goddess Wants to Take You to Vegas

Mar 26, 2012 • Porn Valley

Bree Olson

CumOnLive has come ahead of free tube sites by offering their users the ability to cam with their favorite adult stars, but it wasn’t until they took a page from the web space and began developing meatworld events that they started to pull ahead of other cam sites. Their monthly “Party With An Adult Star” events offer all members a chance to get away to Las Vegas for some heavy partying — flight, hotel, limo and entertainment included at no cost to the fans.

Most recently, CumOnLive contracted Bree Olson (of Goddess fame) to be their spokes model and purveyor of wild times in Sin City. “No one knows how to party like I do in Las Vegas!” Olson said in a statement. Given that she lived with Charlie Sheen for a while, we’re betting no one knows how to party anywhere like she does — except, perhaps, old Tigerblood himself.

But we’re not interested in the sort of partying that involves ranting drunkenly, so we’ll take Olson any day.

Header image of Bree Olson via Brian Gross, Vegas shot by AV Flox.