Cosmo Has A New Sex Position

Nov 11, 2011 • Culture, Papers/Rags

cosmoposition has a new sex position

Our editrix got a message from Cosmopolitan magazine on Twitter this evening. Apparently, Cosmo has added a new sex position to their catalog and they’re looking for help in naming it. Curious, we headed over and scoped it out.

This is what we found:

Cosmo position name contest

Good for you Cosmo for crowdsourcing names! Nothing grows interest like a good collaboration with a nice lump of cash attached! But “super creative new sex position”? Seriously? Have you people never been to a strip club? We hate to break it to you, but the reverse grinder is a pretty standard move.

Not that, uh, we know anything about it. Just call it the $800 lap dance.

  • Anonymous

    Can it be the “narcoleptic” as well?

  • Brooke White

    The couch potato