Death and Despair Pr0n for Geeks

Sep 21, 2010 • SciFet

“In the tiny lifeboat, she and the alien fuck endlessly, relentlessly.” That’s how Kij Johnson’s short story, “Spar,” starts. Quite possibly the best opener we have read since… oh, forget it. Even we don’t remember.

Go on, read further. You know you want to:

They each have Ins and Outs. Her Ins are the usual, eyes ears nostrils mouth cunt ass. Her Outs are also the common ones: fingers and hands and feet and tongue. Arms. Legs. Things that can be thrust into other things.

The alien is not humanoid. It is not bipedal. It has cilia. It has no bones, or perhaps it does and she cannot feel them. Its muscles, or what might be muscles, are rings and not strands. Its skin is the color of dusk and covered with a clear thin slime that tastes of snot. It makes no sounds. She thinks it smells like wet leaves in winter, but after a time she cannot remember that smell, or leaves, or winter.

Its Ins and Outs change. There are dark slashes and permanent knobs that sometimes distend, but it is always growing new Outs, hollowing new Ins. It cleaves easily in both senses.

It penetrates her a thousand ways. She penetrates it, as well. Read the whole thing…

Image features Sigourney Weaver, as she appears in Alien Resurrection.