FaceTime Brings Camgirls Right to Your Phone

Nov 19, 2010 • Apps, Culture, web


The studio is buzzing with girls auditioning, girls taking photos for promos, and girls camming with customers. We’re at IP4Play headquarters, a new offering on the adult entertainment landscape to bring some edge to Apple’s products. Oh, yeah. And there’s very little Steve Jobs can do about it.

Think camgirls, only they’re right there, talking to you on your phone. Thanks to FaceTime and Skype, IP4Play has a platform to make it happen. You cruise their site and take a pick among adult models, porn stars, and a handful of fresh-faced new-comers. From there, you buy some time with your girl, between five and 30 minutes (which ranges between $20 and $90), and get going.

Inside the iP4Play studio, we watch a call unfold. “Skip the small talk” is an understatement.

“It’s the safest sex,” says Miko Sinz, who came to IP4Play after spending some time in porn and doing a brief stint as a camgirl. Unlike the camrooms, however, IP4Play is always a personal experience. There’s no coliseum roar of a chatroom to distract the girls or the users. It’s one-on-one, all the time.

Well, unless the girls are in the studio and they decide to team up for some girl-on-girl play. But that’s a totally different thing.

“It’s great for threesomes!” Sinz says. “Couples call in to test drive the idea all the time. At first the wives or girlfriends are a little shy, but the girls here are outgoing and open-minded, not intimidating at all. And there’s no rejection, so they get right into it.”

Sounds like our kind of party.