Geek Foreplay Fail

Oct 19, 2011 • geek, SciFet

Wherein we establish that “Who’s your Daddy?” is not the same as “Luke, I am your father,” no matter how much into cosplay you think you are.

On that note, we find it hilarious how many bad reviews the Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber ($26.99) got on Amazon because of the vibrating feature. Someone even put instructions in a review about how to make it stop!

I have to agree with the review below, whoever came up with the idea of putting in a vibrating motor at Hasbro should be fired. Not only is the vibrating stupid (duh it vibrates just by striking something), but it makes this loud awful sound. Kind of like a vibrating cell phone.

However, I found a simple solution. If you carefully unscrew all of the screws, beginning with the battery cover, and carefully pry open the two sides you can see the motor. Try and locate the red and black wires connecting to the motor and cut one of them. Make sure to either cut a section out or move the severed ends away so they don’t rub and still complete the circuit. Voila no more annoying vibration, but still the sound and light. I understand some work is involved, however it’s worth it. Maybe Hasbro will come out with a new one without the motor. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve received tons of complaints.

We don’t know what these people do with their sabers, but we feel the Force is very strong in this one.