Go Double Agent on Their Asses

Nov 09, 2010 • Apps, Culture

Spy Games

You can wait in bed wondering what he’s doing on his phone that’s so important. Or why she’s up at five in the morning texting. Or you could pull a spy move and quit wondering.

There are a fair share spy apps out on the market, some more questionable than others. Some far more expensive than others. The newest high-performance, low-cost one, Secret SMS Replicator, is for Android phones. You don’t need to have an Android yourself, only the target does. (The app’s page can tell you whether your own device is compatible with the app, so check there first).

All you do is download and install the app. It has no visible icon or shortcut to access it, simply runs in the background. And you don’t need access to the phone to kill the app. You can do that remotely by using a secret password created during installation.

In the meantime, all the SMS messages received by the target’s phone will be forwarded to the device of your choosing.

We’ll tell you this much: at $9.99, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than Spyera Gold iPhone spy software, which will run you about $485 per year.

Or you can do the mature thing and, you know, talk to the target about what’s on your mind and work it out like adults.

Via UrbanDaddy.