Like Having Tony Robbins at Your Fingertips

Mar 22, 2012 • Apps

a feel-good imaginary boyfriend

Ladies, if you’re in the market for an imaginary boyfriend who also happens to be a motivational speaker, you need look no further than the iTunes store. There, for only $5.94, your prayers will be answered by Rob Kaye, creator of the Virtual Boyfriend soundbytes.

The Virtual Boyfriend EP offers six tracks of “virtual hugs,” clips ranging between one and five minutes, created to offer a woman a little encouragement to get her through the day. Here’s an example: “When you walk into a room, others feel it. They’re attracted to you and your powerful presence. You are a good soul. You are a good person. You care about others and they feel it. People like you and they listen to you. You speak the language of the heart and others hear it. Your mind is gifted and your imagination is endless…”

If a guy ever laid this sort of woo-woo to us, we’d probably punch him in the face, but to each their own.

Header image by Randy Stewart.