Best April Fool’s: Liquivibrotic Technology

Apr 01, 2013 • lolz, Of The Year

Screaming O's vibrating lube april fool's joke

The best April Fool’s prank would have gone to Google for Google Nose BETA, their smell-based search (which would allow users to smell anything they searched for using existing technologies in their phones, laptops and tablets), except when I did a cursory search for sex, I came up empty. You can smell the Googleplex but you can’t smell sex? Really?

So instead, the best April Fool’s prank of 2013 has to go to the Screaming O and ID Lubricants for their vibrating lubricant announcement:

In a feat never thought possible, the world’s first vibrating lubricant has officially arrived after a year-long collaboration between The Screaming O and ID Lubricant and is slated to be the industry’s most significant innovation since stretchy silicone.

This groundbreaking lubricant was developed using patented liquivibrotic technology, which transmits subtle vibration through the lubricant’s unique molecular structure for a never-before-felt sexual experience.

This revolutionary lubricant is available only in a water-based formula, as its hydrogen-based oxidization allows for the liquivibrotic stimulation to transfer smoothly to the user. A silicone-based version currently is being reformulated to accommodate its slick consistency, and once their joint laboratory finalizes the formulation the two companies are expected to be considered for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Depending on how they mean to power that liquivibrotic technology, that could very well also be a Darwin Award.