Mall Rat Concierge

Nov 23, 2009 • Lessons

groveWe know, we know, malls are horrible things. But there’s a chance they’re getting better–at least here in Southern California.

Introducing: the One Touch Concierge, an application for iPhone, BlackBerry or computer that allows you to make requests and get interactive service, such as arranging for a stroller, wheelchair, bell cart, making restaurant reservations, and getting movie tickets.

It’s still a mall and you will still be among the unwashed masses, but it just got a little more bearable. Who knows, you might meet someone one day who thinks semi-public sex at the mall is hot or something and be able to impress her by having the car washed while you ravage her in a changing room at Abercrombie & Fitch.

Hey, we’re not judging.

Information from LA Racked. Get it for The Grove and The Americana at Brand.