Does Masturbating Give Me Zits?

Dec 29, 2009 • Lessons

Sexperts get all kinds of weird questions, but every once in a while, questions are so duh in the style of How Is Babby Formed, we just feel we have to share. This one comes to you courtesy of the Bangalore Mirror:

I am a 22-year-old man and I have been masturbating since the past six years. Will masturbation adversely affect my future married life? Also I notice that within a few days of masturbating, I get pimples on my face as also new strands of grey hair on my head. Is this related to masturbation or the fact that I have a low sperm count?

How far we have yet to go as educators!

(And for the record, no, blemishes and gray hair are not related to masturbating.)