Monday Is Global Orgasm Day!

Dec 19, 2009 • Homework, Lessons

Monday, December 21, 2009, 9:47AM PST. Prepare to cum.

I know you don’t need an excuse, but let me tell you about this anyway because it’s, like, whoa.

The Global Consciousness Project is an international group of scientists, engineers and thinkers across all disciplines that keeps a network of things called Random Event Generators (called EGGs), magical machines that produce streams of random numbers, which have been shown become less and less random during global, attention-focusing events.

Could it be? Could human attention have an effect on energy and matter?

Possibly. What the Global Consciousness Project wants to do is examine the subtle correlations that reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world.

“We have learned that when millions of us share intentions and emotions, the GCP/EGG network shows correlations,” their site reads. “We can interpret this as evidence for participation in a growing global consciousness. It suggests we have the capability and responsibility for conscious evolution.”

Imagine what would happen if a significant portion of the population focused his or her energy on orgasm?

It’s a cool experiment. Of course, then the Globalgasm page gets all The Secret New Age-y, talking about how cumming all together will be like giving the world an epic hug, but, hey, whatevs–maybe Causecast will pick it up.

Information from Globalgasm.

  • Robert Fischer

    I’m not entirely sure what they’re seeking to prove—this isn’t exactly a rigorous experiment (at least, not *scientifically* rigorous…)—but I suppose it’s a particularly accessible kind of communion (cummunion?) in any case. Even if there isn’t a global energy shift, we’re at least joining with other people (physically, emotionally, symbolically) to focus on peace.

    The world of spirituality is still trying to come to grips with quantum mechanics, through better and worse ways. Probably the most notably pop presentation is “What the Bleep Do We Know?” (, but I really find Biocentrism ( to be the most interesting, especially since it seems to converge nicely with the philosophy of Descartes, Kant, and Heidegger. And, for that matter, ideas of will-magic laid out most notably by Crowley.

    So, in short, although these particular pages might seem a bit wacky and out there, I can’t say with any level of certainty that they’re totally off base. In fact, they probably have a lot more foundation than people give them credit for.

  • Anaiis

    Yum, yum, Robert! As always you add incredible depth! I think you should have a spiritual/philosophical column here at Sex and the 405. Seriously.

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