Kama Sutra: Thou Must Not Cum Quickly

Dec 02, 2009 • Kama Sutra, Lessons

kamasutraThis is an excerpt from the unabridged Kama Sutra, a sacred Indian text about the art of love and eroticism.

One thing certain is that a man whose activity lasts long pleases women, while on the other hand they complain of men who reach orgasm quickly.

Satisfied tranquility is not to be found among women after an erotic experience with a man who reaches orgasm quickly. Women love and are pleased by men who ejaculate long after copulation.

A man whose ardor is rapid, who ejaculates quickly, detaches himself after experiencing his pleasure.

Men who have a habit of finishing quickly are not well looked upon.

It is on this that women’s attachment or contempt depends, and on this basis they decide which deserve to be used or not. The wife of a man who has difficulty in making her reach orgasm becomes hostile to him.

Thus it is that, from a certain point of view, a woman’s love or indifference is connected with the man’s possibility of making her reach orgasm.

Women appreciate the virility of the man who achieves the longest copulatory act. It is almost impossible for a woman to desire to sleep with someone who ejaculates quickly. Love’s delight is only possible if she reaches orgasm at the same time as the man of whom she is enamored.

This is why the man who pleases women is the one who gives them complete pleasure, and not the contrary.

A woman’s desire does not stop when she has reached orgasm. She experiences continual enjoyment. Her need for a man continues even when the itching of her clitoris has been calmed, which is why her need for signs of affection (kissing and caressing) is independent of her desire for enjoyment.

Image from The Daily Loaf. Information from The Complete Kama Sutra, translated by Alain Danielou.