Old Car, New Tricks

Dec 02, 2009 • Lessons

viperI love machines and I’m also a creature of comfort, I can’t tell you how much I dig cars that allow you to get the heat or A/C going before you even leave your house.

Now that, that is sexy.

And now, you can too can enjoy this luxury in your good ol’ ride, courtesy of Viper.

Bye-bye clunky remotes thrown in with the keys, now all you need is your iPhone, which, if you have one, is already on you, pretty much attached like a third kidney.

With it, you can control more than one car, and assign more than one user to a car. No more “honey, where are your keys?”

And screw worrying about whether you’re in range.

That’s tech baby–and it’s hot.

Viper’s SmartStart app is free at the iTunes store and service is just a sweet $30 a year. Of course, you’ll have to get the system on your car, which can run you up to $500, if you don’t have a Viper-compatible car. But, hey, I think you’re worth it.

Your dates will be appropriately appreciative, too.

Hopefully you don’t have one of those huge, bummer consoles between your seat and shotgun. Just saying.