Is That A Phone Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

May 22, 2010 • Culture, Fashion

Lingerie design can get pretty creative, but this piece from Syria takes the cake as far as Sex and the 405 is concerned.

Introducing the Phone Crotch:

We’re not kidding. According to the post from which we yanked this jewel, aptly titled “The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie”:

Decorated with silk flowers, fabric birds, and plastic insects and toys, these outrageous outfits are part of the female rites of passage from virginity to womanhood and an important item for working class weddings and marriages. Feathers and fur on undergarments are symbolic of the nest, while cellphones and cartoon figures on bikinis flaunt modernity. Some of the lingerie sets border on S&M getups, while others resemble the kitsch ensembles of burlesque dancers and drag queens. However, taken as a whole, this sexy lingerie gives us a better understanding of the Syrian culture and, if you’ll pardon the pun, lifts the political veil that separates us.

Are we crazy for thinking this is creepy more because it’s not a smartphone and not because the thong essentially places a mobile in our crotches? Discuss.

Image and excerpt from Flavorwire, via Pam Mandel.