Picking Up Where the Sexual Revolution Left Off

Feb 20, 2012 • Culture, Feature, web

Ssex Bbox

[SSEX BBOX] is a documentary web series about sex created in an effort to fight for more openness, more understanding, less shame, and less isolation in sexual matters. Taking viewers on a journey through Sao Paolo, San Francisco, Berlin and Barcelona, [SSEX BBOX] questions obsolete assumptions about sex and sexuality.

This is the trailer (not safe for work!):

(Recognize the voice? Hi, Charlie!)

“Our commitment extends beyond sexuality to all human rights, including access to knowledge and information,” the creators write. “Our commitment is to create a space stimulating conversations about sexuality and helping others find out more about themselves and their desires.”

[SSEX BBOX] has been releasing episodes online since January. There are fifteen episodes in all, each focused on a specific subject. Episodes are also available in Portuguese and Spanish. You can see the complete list of available episodes on their page on Vimeo, or cruise their site ssexbbox.com.

This project is supported by the Center for Sex & Culture and has also received advising and consultation from sexologist, Carol Queen, Ph.D and psychotherapist and expressive arts therapist, Therese Noel Allen, MA, MFT.

  • Richard Hawkins

    Glad that someone is talking about this!