Positions, Please!

Feb 14, 2010 • Lessons

Our editrix was so irate this morning when she surfed across this little jewel from DateDaily, she asked us to comment on the matter, which, frankly, really blows, seeing as we were looking forward to lying around in our apartments all day, crying about how no one loves us.

We’re not sure if they’re endorsing injury in the name of knowledge or what’s going on but who really cares what “most men” want? Sexual positions aren’t about pleasing an unscientific sample of men (or women). Good sex is about finding what best works given the person or people you’re with.

Some lovers may rock doggy style, and some may be far better suited to the dragon. Some may be more energetic and inspire more acrobatics, some may be more intense and focused.

Our suggestion is for you to get to know the people you’re boinking and find out which positions work best for you both (or you all, if it’s more than one partner).

And please try not to injure yourselves! It’s better to only know three positions that work well than to run wildly through the whole of Cosmo’s Kama Sutra causing yourself and others bodily harm! Like, HELLO. You need that body. Be good to it.

(And please pray with us that the editrix doesn’t see that one about the seven kinky things men want…)

Screengrab from DateDaily. Rant inspired by them, also.

  • http://loungenouvelle.com Anthony Licari

    Couldn’t agree more. There are no universal objective positions that guarantee anything. I remember when I first came to this realization and had a position with this one girl that made here all orgasmic like Ol’ Faithful. Moving on to the next girl I’m seeing I thought it’s at least got to be good enough that she will enjoy it. Nope, she straight up stopped everything with a look of boredom and asked me what the hell we were trying to do.

    Me: “You don’t like that at all?”

    Her: “Like what?”

    Heh, live and learn.

  • Anaiis

    That’s absolutely right. Every body is a new territory to chart and understand; there is no single path to transcendence. We must start anew, every time. And often, we must find alternative paths there within the same continent.