Sex in Dire Straights in Country of Romance

Nov 15, 2010 • News, Research

The Institute for Public Opinion, one of France’s most reputable market research firms, inadvertently busted a myth recently when it found that more than three-quarters of French couples lead impoverished sex lives.

Common excuses from both genders to skip sex? Headaches, exhaustion, and the children.

The BBC loved the report — most likely still sore from the Global Sexual Satisfaction Survey that showed the Brits aren’t doing too well in that department, either.

The survey, arranged by a pharmaceutical company selling sex-improvement meds, only surveyed some 1,000 French adults, we must note, to keep things in perspective — and it’s in their best interest to paint the nation as one experiencing a sexual crisis.

But as the Global Survey previously indicated, a lot of people aren’t happy with their sex lives these days. One can’t help but wonder: is something wrong? Have we placed so much emphasis on work and achievement, are we so busy surviving that we have ceased taking care of our personal lives?

Do yourself a favor: make some time to enjoy some pleasure today.

Image by Christian Mayrhofer. Information from the BBC.

  • no

    I’m young, my relationships have been mostly stress-free. I can at best vaguely imagine sex in the context of parents’ lives.
    But I imagine that whatever you ask people about, many of them will be dissatisfied. Whether it’s personal fulfilment (aspirations, hobbies), their career, the time they spend with their kids, ..

    Especially romance and sex are in high regard in society and it is easy to imagine more than what you have. Likely many of the people asked don’t have enough time to completely achieve what they want from any area of their lives. Dissatisfaction is perhaps not a reflection that anything is wrong, really, but simply that time, and lives, are short, and priorities are difficult.

    Also, does anybody know where I can get some quantum mechanics-themed bedding?