Sex Line Prank Calls: Florida’s Tax Dollars Hard At Work

Oct 25, 2009 • Opinion

Volusia County, Florida–you’ve heard of it, it’s where Daytona’s at. It seems they take their golf more seriously than they do their government and the interests of taxpayers and hard-working Americans.

According to The News-Journal, an Arkansas-based sex phone operator has been getting prank calls from Velusia County’s government center. Everyone is joking about how funny this is, but I don’t think it is.

First, they’re wasting time for which they are paid–that time belongs to the people of that county. But what bothers me more than the waste of tax dollars is the lack of entrepreneurial spirit. The sex phone operator is an American business owner and deserves respect, as well as to be paid for the time that this individual or individuals are wasting and the possible the loss of business that is resulting from the prank calls tying up her line.

Of course, “At this point, officials plan to do nothing about the issue,” The News-Journal reported. If it was PETA they were pranking, I’m willing to bet things would be a little different.