Texting While Sexing

May 23, 2010 • News, Research

We’ve all heard of sexting, but how about texting while having sex?

According to Advertising Age, a report by Retreve Gadgetology revealed that one in 10 people under 25 have answered a text during sex.

“Social media is embedded in our lives,” explains Manish Rathi, co-founder and VP-marketing at Retrevo, the consumer electronics shopping and review site that performed the study. “It’s why people go to a restaurant and check Foursquare before they sit down with their friends, then take a picture of their food before they eat and upload it to Facebook.”

But texting during sex? Come on!

Debontherocks at BlogHer brings up a good point:

The study does not say what type of texts people are sending while having sex, though. Are they lifestreaming: Gettin freeky but Travis isnt rockin my sox. Any 1 up 4 pancakes soon? Or is the sex separate from the text: RT Help #flood2010 w/ $10 donation by texting Redcross to 90999?

We asked our editrix, who seems the most likely person to engage in this sort of behavior. She sighed and admitted she wants to, but she has such epic sex that she becomes completely unable to do or think of anything else at the time — but wouldn’t that be great? To livetweet an epic sex session?

Clearly, she’s insane.

Photo of AV Flox, by Rath and Some.